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Dear suppliers!
Sveza is inviting you to cooperate.
We are open to new suppliers, and would be delighted to see you among our partners.
Types of transport
Motor vehicles
(cargo volume: up to 29.5 m3, cargo weight: up to 21.5 t)
40/45 ft container
(cargo volume: up to 37.5 m3, cargo weight: up to 26.5 t);
Covered railroad cars, from 120 m3 to 158 m3
(cargo volume: up to 94 m3, cargo weight: up to 68 t);
Gondola car
(cargo volume: up to 76 m3, cargo weight: up to 67 t).
Multimodal container
40/45 ft container
(cargo volume: up to 37.5 m3, cargo weight: up to 26.5 t)
transportation directions, including Russia
monthly number of shipments
average cost of cargo in a vehicle
Requirements for the suppliers
If you would like to become our supplier, you need to meet the following criteria:
  • Company registration period of at least 2 years;
  • Monthly turnover - at least 100 transportations;
  • Availability of own transport or long-term contracts with transport owners;
  • Average number of staff - not less than 5 employees;
  • Connection to the TICONTRACT tender site
  • Access to the Transporeon internet platform
Working with suppliers
To receive commercial offers for the provision of transport services, we conduct tender procedures at the TICONTRACT tender site
The frequency of the tender procedures depends on the type of transport:
  • Multimodal container: monthly;;
  • Export motor vehicles and railway: quarterly;
  • Motor vehicles within Russia: semiannually.
In order to participate in the tender procedure it is necessary to register:
Transportation applications are submitted via the TRANSPOREON internet platform
To receive commercial offers for the provision of services
Road transportation within Russia
Sergei Mikhailov
Transport Logistics Manager
Multimodal container and reilway transportation
Artur Sharifullin
Transport Logistics Manager
Export road transportation
Andrey Trofimov
Transport Logistics Manager
Logistics Department Management
Dmitrii Leontev