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SVEZA UV finished plywood – is a special high quality birch plywood with a clear UV topcoat, features unique decorative characteristics of real wood and keeps it off scratches and chips. SVEZA UV is ready for cutting and milling pre-finished panel. It saves time, labor, equipment costs and waste accrue in the furniture and cabinet components production process.
Reduces labor time and costs
Formats 5x5, 5x10, 8x4x8
Pre-finished product
Beautiful real wood appearance
SVEZA plywood with UV coating gives a time savings on a surfacing process, there is no need to make preparation work. SVEZA UV finished plywood brings out a natural texture of real birch veneers, gives a variety of colors with a range of coverages.
SVEZA UV finished plywood is under strict control for formaldehyde emission according to the DIN EN ISO 12460-3 method and fully complies with CARB ATCM и EPA TSCA VI.
Applications: drawer sides, cabinet components and interiors.
Standard sizes, mm (ft) 5×5 (1525×1525); 8×4×8 (2440×1220×2440; 2500×1250×2500); 5×10 (1500/1525×3000/3050)
Thickness, mm 6; 6.5; 8; 9; 10; 12; 15; 18; 19; 21
Surface type 100% birch plywood with uniform ultra violet (UV) cured finish, UV coating on one or two sides
Grade B/B, B/BB, BB/BB (UV both sides); B/CP, BB/CP (UV one side)
Glue type Interior, Exterior
Wood preparation Special sanded plywood with:
Sanding 400
Medium Gloss 35% (±5) coating:
1. UV filler: 35 – 38 gr/m2
2. UV filler: 15 – 18 gr/m2
3. UV Top: 6–10 gr/m2
Lacquer Transparent, with additional pigment upon customer’s request
Gloss level (upon customer’s request) UV High – gloss 80% (±5)
UV Medium – gloss 35% (±5)
UV Light – gloss 20% (±5)
UV Special – gloss upon customer’s request (±5)
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If you are interested in buying SVEZA products, or you need any additional information, please contact our sales team.
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