SVEZA Particle Board
SVEZA Particle Board is a construction material made by hot pressing birch chip mixed with bonding materials.
High-quality birch raw materials.
High density and hardness of the outer layers.
Excellent stress/strain performance.
Vast experience and traditions in high-quality particle board production.
A fine-structured surface ensures perfect decorative properties of the board. Due to the high density of the boards, the products can be assembled/disassembled up to 7 times. Particle board is used in upholstery, carcasses and other types of furniture. It is also used as a flooring or wall paneling material.
Standard sizes, mm (ft) 3500х1750
Thickness, mm 16, 18 (on demand)
Formaldehyde emission class Е1 (up to 8 mg per 100 g of absolutely dry board)
Density, kg/m² 779-800
Moisture content, % 5–13
Strength indicators
Minimum ultimate strength in bend, MPa
13 (Р2), 11,5 (Р1)
Sanitary-epidemiological report (hygiene certificate)
SVEZA Uralskiy
  • SVEZA Particle Board
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