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Sveza ships specialized plywood to a manufacturer of cargo containers
30 November 2021

Sveza started regular shipments of specialized plywood part kits to KOTTA Container for mass production of innovative ISO containers. The longstanding partnership has led the two top-end technology companies to breakthrough solutions in using specialized plywood for the production of next-generation cargo containers. Sveza’s plywood solutions allow KOTTA Container to expand the range of the types of container-transportable cargo.


Sveza has shipped several kits of specialized plywood parts to KOTTA Container under a customized order. The plywood has all necessary properties for the construction of a cargo container body and is faced with thick film that protects the plywood lining from all kinds of exposure, including mechanical damage. This advanced material makes it possible for KOTTA Container to include in the range of container-transportable cargo highly corrosive materials, such as potassium and soda, and materials that can cause mechanical damage to the container body during loading, such as cast iron objects or scrap metal.


About 1 cu m of specialized plywood is used for the construction of one container. Today, it is produced only at Sveza’s mill in St. Petersburg. The mill also cuts parts out of plywood according to the customer’s drawings, and pre-assembles them into kits ready for shipment. The customer only needs to assemble the container like a construction toy.


Containers fully lined with plywood on the inside are a novel product that brings Sveza to leading positions in the quickly developing specialized plywood segment, taking into account the explosive growth of the popularity of containers in the transport of bulk material and the fast growing demand for specialized containers, that is estimated to amount to tens of thousands of containers in the coming years.


“We are willing to shift perspective and explore new areas of application of plywood, and we are seeking to connect with innovators like us. We take a close look at the needs of our customers and offer customized solutions. As a result, unique products are created. This year, the share of specialized products in our portfolio has grown to 12%. It is almost twice as much as last year”, says Alena Sergeeva, Leader of Industry-Specific Sales Team Overland Transport.