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Birch plywood SVEZA Oil for concrete works
20 June 2018
SVEZA is launching SVEZA Oil − birch plywood with oiled surface for concrete works. The new product has been developed for application in low-rise construction where the number of reuses amounts to 2-5.
SVEZA Oil posseses high strength properties and CP/CP surface evenly oiled in controlled factory conditions that helps to save time for siimilar works on a construction site. The edges of SVEZA Oil are coated with special acrylate-based waterborne paint with low water permeability. «While developing SVEZA Oil we studied builders requiremnets on the Nordic market where oiled plywood has been traditionally used in low-rise construction Olga Milovanova, SVEZA product manager for “Construction” segment comments.. – We do hope the builders from other countries will highly appreciate SVEZA Oil as well».