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Sveza: Russian forest industry to become one of the most innovation-intensive sectors soon
16 February 2022

February 16 is international Innovation Day, and it is increasingly becoming a special day for the Russian forest industry. Speaking of high technology, Sveza is one of the major drivers of the forest sector as it launches state-of-the-art products to the market, polishes its business processes, and puts forward captivating solutions.


Innovative development has historically been one of Sveza’s strategic pillars, the company being the world’s largest manufacturer of birch plywood and a major player in the Russian forest industry. Driven by a determination to satisfy and even to anticipate the needs and wishes of its customers Sveza consistently puts a lot of effort into creating unique products. For instance, Sveza was the first plywood producer in the world to patent flexible plywood SVEZA Flex. Last year, Sveza put to market some very special products such as fire-retardant plywood SVEZA Subfloor that helps increase the safety of vehicles, soundproof plywood SVEZA Antinoise, and non-conductive plywood SVEZA Dielectric.


These and many more other innovative solutions resulted from a collaborative effort between Sveza’s industry teams and two Technology Development Centers located at Sveza’s mills in Kostroma and St. Petersburg. The Technology Development Centers have been working for several years, and have produced hundreds of process improvement proposals, ideas on more sustainable use of resources, and innovative solutions. Sveza is soon opening its own in-house R&D center, one of the first of its kind in the Russian forest industry, and a significant driver of the industry’s development.


In the field of wood processing innovations, Sveza does not play alone. It has strong support from its parent holding Severgroup that operates teams of dedicated tech scouts. They helped Sveza to find the best technology for detailed tracking of containers at sea, and are currently working on some other Sveza’s problems.


In 2021, Sveza launched Wood Perspective, an online innovation portal where forest industry operators can post their business problems, and innovators can propose solutions. This project also opens doors for innovators to Sveza’s production facilities and allows meaningful testing of the innovators’ prototypes. The portal was launched eight months ago, and has collected six business requests for solution, all of which are being closely worked on.


Last year, Sveza launched another important project as part of its development strategy — Sveza Digital app. It is a company-wide initiative to implement digital technology in the company’s everyday life and teach the employees how to use it properly. Digitalization of business processes and day-to-day operations at all levels in the organization will enhance growth, communications, and, naturally, innovations, while ensuring the security of information. Sveza Digital is a gamified app that entices people to complete training modules by leveraging game elements such as the player’s personal rating, tournaments, and training course completion points.

Further on, Sveza will place even stronger focus on the development of innovations:

“Wood has almost limitless potential. Our goal is to unlock it through leveraging cutting-edge technology. This task is gaining more importance every year driven by the renewability of forest resources, and an overwhelming variety of products that can be made of wood. We are determined to put through these ambitious plans for a happier and more eco-friendly life», says Sveza CEO Anatoly Frishman.