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Sveza publishes Sustainability Report 2020
7 December 2021

Sveza has published its second Sustainability Report based on GRI standards. The Report describes Sveza Group’s business and sustainability performance in 2020 and presents the Group’s contribution to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). In the Report, Sveza also explains its principles of stakeholder engagement in the work on corporate social responsibility issues, and shows how its operations impact the local environments, economies, and communities.

Sveza Group, a leading Russian forest industry company and the world’s largest manufacturer of birch plywood, has published a sustainability report for the year 2020. Sveza is a private company, nevertheless it relies on the principles of transparency and is willing to disclose the non-financial aspects of its business and its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN.

Along with the list of Sveza’s priority SDGs for 2020, the Report features the company’s actually achieved measurable results on certain SDGs in 2020 and specific sustainability commitments for 2021. The document also extensively describes various engagement formats with key stakeholder groups and the subjects of discussion.

In its Sustainability Report 2020, Sveza summarizes the most important events and key performance achievements of the previous year, outlines its social responsibility and sustainable development principles, and explains how its operations influence the local environments, economies, and communities, and how it engages the stakeholders. In one of the sections, Sveza describes its efforts in preventing the spread of Covid-2019 and the initiatives to support its employees and the communities in the regions where it operates.

In accordance with the latest changes in the GRI standards, and in order to respond to the rising demands of the stakeholders, Sveza complemented its Sustainability Report 2020 with new sections, such as a section on Sveza’s tax management system that contains information on the company’s tax payments to the budgets at all levels of government in the accounting period, or an anti-corruption section describing the company’s actions to prevent corruption among its employees or partners, and manage corruption risks. Special attention is given to sustainable development risks. Health and safety at work, consumption of fresh water and treatment of process effluents at Sveza’s mills are subjects of yet another new section of the Report.

The most remarkable achievements of 2020 included ongoing equipment modernization initiatives despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, entry into new markets, increased share of specialized plywood in the product portfolio, and the start of biofuel production at all plywood mills.

“The year 2020 was full of challenges for everyone. Still, Sveza being a large and responsible employer carried on delivering on its social commitments and kept working consistently on its priority Sustainable Development Goals. For us, one of the most significant accomplishments in 2020 was a shift from one-off charity projects in the regions to consistent social investment. The local development agreements we are entering into with the regional executive authorities focus on the immediate needs of the local communities and are meant to improve their living standards and secure stability of our operations in the regions,” says Sveza CEO Anatoly Frishman.