Sveza launches an innovative spin-off Sveza launches an innovative spin-off
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Sveza launches an innovative spin-off
10 April 2024

Sveza Group has launched Sveza SmartLine, a subsidiary company dedicated to developing Sveza’s expertise in innovations and promoting its knowledge of the industry in the market. 

Strengthening innovation expertise is part of Sveza Group’s strategy to diversify its product portfolio, and Sveza SmartLine was created to expand the focus on innovations. Sveza Group is a vertically integrated company that controls the entire supply chain from harvesting sites to the final product. Along with plywood mills, the Group includes timber harvesting company Sveza Resource and bioproducts company Sveza Bioproduct.  


“Over more than 25 years of history, Sveza has gained extensive experience and knowledge in the plywood production processes, equipment, and innovations. We are uniquely placed in the plywood industry and the forest industry in general to facilitate their growth and development. Today, Sveza has patented thirteen methods and technologies, some of which substituted foreign technology that had been removed from the Russian market and others are original know-hows. Sveza’s innovative solutions are better, more cost-efficient, and can be used in many industries, not only in woodworking,” says Nikita Marchenko, General Manager at Sveza SmartLine. 

Sveza Group’s patents include a process for splicing log chunks into full-size veneer logs, flexible plywood, and recently the company presented a scanner for the detection of peeling defects – a very efficient and reliable tool for a precise (almost 100%) identification and classification of defects – which was included in the Top 50 Best Corporate Innovations in Russia by GIA. 


Sveza’s innovations have raised interest of many manufacturing companies in Russia, and the company is already negotiating purchase contracts with potential customers, as well as receiving requests to develop a similar process for industries other than woodworking.

More information about Sveza’s innovations can be found at trade events such as exhibitions and conferences. This fall, Sveza is showcasing its unique defect detection scanners at Woodworking 2024 in Minsk, Belarus.