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Sveza is back to Asian expos
14 December 2021

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, Sveza presented its products at the largest construction exhibition of Taiwan Taipei Building Show 2021. The company’s stand featured state-of-the-art products such as Sveza Flex: custom-designed flexible plywood that has no rivals in the global market.


Taipei Building Show 2021 was held on December 9-12 in the capital of Taiwan. It is the largest construction industry event of Taiwan representing all segments of the country's building and construction market, from residential housing to infrastructure, and interior decoration.


For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic broke up in the spring of 2020, Sveza took part in an international expo in Asia. After a long period of canceled or online events, with lockdowns often preventing access to conferences and fairs, this December Sveza finally sends to Taiwan a showcase of its products. For the Taipei show, Sveza arranged with a local distributor that its stand focused on state-of-the-art, custom-designed products such as Sveza Flex (world’s only flexible plywood engineered by Sveza), Deck 2.0, and Deck 350, the entire Color product range, and UV-plywood.


In order to take part in the exhibition, and secure the opportunity to further sell in the Taiwanese market, Sveza collected local certificates for its products and product components such as glues.


“Unfortunately, our delegation could not attend in person, but we sent our stand via a Taiwanese distributor and held video calls with the customers. By participating in this exhibition, we hope to strengthen our positions in the Asian market — the fairly conservative market of Taiwan has historically seen very little birch plywood, and the visitors at the Taipei show highly praised our products,” says Vladimir Raymuev, Sveza Export Sales Manager.


Vitaly Demidenko, Sveza Sales Director, believes that international markets are gradually coming back to their habitual marketing and selling tools:


“While it is too early to state that the international trade has fully recovered to pre-Covid levels, the Taipei show and Sveza’s participation in it are very encouraging. It is a sign that market players are adapting to a new reality and picking up on new approaches to marketing and expanding their customer base. East Asia is one of the most important regions for us, and it is particularly exciting that Sveza managed to take part in an exhibition there,” he says.