Sveza in Top 5 among Russian companies in the ESG ranking Sveza in Top 5 among Russian companies in the ESG ranking
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Sveza in Top 5 among Russian companies in the ESG ranking
19 June 2023
Sveza, the world’s largest manufacturer of birch plywood, was listed in the Top 5 among 50 Russian companies ranked by RAEX Analytics for supply chain environmental and social sustainability.

The ranking criteria included initiatives aimed at improving environmental and social performance of supply chains, supplier management efficiency and supplier monitoring for environmental and social sustainability performance, as well as supplier relationship management programs. The analysts also evaluated the companies’ reporting policies and performance indicators in the categories General environmental risks and General social risks.

The ranking includes 50 Russian companies. The top three positions are held by companies from the electric power industry, the iron and steel industry, and the precious metals industry. Sveza was ranked the fourth, the only representative of the wood processing industry in the Top 5 of the list.

The agency’s experts acknowledged the quality of Sveza’s disclosure on supplier management and noted that the forest industry company had provided a full and transparent account of its actions. They also gave credit to Sveza for its efforts in monitoring human rights and social and gender equality across its wood supply chain and achieving zero discrimination against women.

“Even though international forest certification agencies left Russia, we keep working in full compliance with the international standards. We monitor our suppliers and strictly comply with the national environmental and labor legislation. In addition, Sveza joined Russian voluntary forest certification system Lesnoy Etalon to confirm the legal origin of its timber resources and the sustainability of its forest management practices,” says Valentina Likhacheva, Director for Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development at Sveza.