Sveza in the ESG ranking of Russia’s National Rating Agency Sveza in the ESG ranking of Russia’s National Rating Agency
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Sveza in the ESG ranking of Russia’s National Rating Agency
8 September 2022
Russia’s National Rating Agency (NRA) published an ESG ranking of 75 manufacturing companies of Russia. NRA’s experts evaluated the rated companies’ ESG performance in 2021. A new feature of this year’s ranking is the addition of non-listed companies. It is Sveza’s first appearance on NRA’s ESG ranking and a recognition of Sveza Group’s efforts to develop its business based on sustainability targets.

The ranking is based on 80 indicators: 24 in the Environment (E) category, 23 in the Social (S) category, and 33 in the Governance (G) category. The ESG data was collected mostly from publicly available sources such as company annual reports and media publications.


According to NRA, companies representing the industries actively participating in international trade and liaising with investors in the foreign and domestic markets, demonstrate the highest disclosure and ESG performance levels.

“We are delighted to see that the National Rating Agency has started to evaluate private companies that focus on sustainability not because stock exchanges require but because they recognize its importance for the development of their business. Sveza, for instance, has integrated ESG principles in its long-term development strategy. It is very important, in spite of the current economic turmoil, to maintain high levels of responsibility and accountability. It helps to keep the business stable,” says Valentina Likhacheva, director for corporate communications and sustainable development at Sveza.