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Sveza has launched a new website
13 August 2019
Sveza launched a new website

«We tried to make our new site as much convenient as possible for visitors. Our main goal is to build more effective communication with all target groups: current and potential buyers, both wholesale and retail, dealers, job seekers and current employees, as well as media representatives," said Valentina Likhacheva, Corporate Affairs Director, Sveza company.

For the convenience of customers, many sections of the site have been improved and new tools have been developed that allow you to get more useful information for comfortable procurement planning and tracking of stock in transit.

  • All pages of the site are built on the principle of phased data submission: from general to particular information. The main page consist of these main sections: «About the Company», «Products», «Press Center», «Career».
  • Products are presented in the section of industries. For a more convenient search, you can use coverage filters.
  • In the «Where to Buy» section, dealers' contacts are shown on the map. You can also filter them by product type, countries and cities.
  • You can look and order a large amount of documentation, like certificates, brochures, photo materials in the «Document» section.
  • Updated loading capacity calculator gives a more accurate forecast for the loading of different types of transport.
  • You can use a new service for wholesale buyers to track and control the location of the shipment;
  • You can use a new feedback service in the format of online store. Through this mode a customer can quickly connect with a sales manager of the relevant region, select needed products, inform about quantity and shipping method.

Visual solution

In order to «refresh» the corporate identity, a new visual solution and a number of auxiliary graphic elements were developed within the framework of the project that illustrate the production process and the basic forms of the finished product: the circle reflects the process of wood peeling, horizontal and vertical stripes are associated with alternating multidirectional veneer sheets in layers plywood. The horizontal scroll of the main page also refers to the conveyor production process, where each subsequent step is a continuation of the previous one.

Card Product

The products of the Sveza company are developed to meet the needs of customers from specific industries: construction formwork, furniture production, creation of insulating sheathing of LNG tankers, production of die-cutting molds, etc. Therefore, it was decided to present the relevant product groups through the thematic pages of the site. The updated product card provides complete information about the products in a systematic way: for this we have revised the product descriptions and structured the technical documentation.

Adaptation for mobile devices

The site looks more convenient and informative on mobile devices. We decided to not duplicate navigation, reduce some interactive elements in order to shift our focus towards the rational use.

About Sveza

SVEZA is a Russian company, a world leader on the birch plywood market. SVEZA products have won the trust of consumers in 80 countries across five continents. They are used in the construction of skyscrapers and Olympic facilities, in manufacturing long-distance trailers, high-speed trains and LNG tankers, and for creation of eco-friendly furniture and stylish interiors. SVEZA is supplier no. 1 for monolithic construction projects in Russia.

SVEZA produces 1.4 million m3 of high-quality products, including plywood and chipboards.

SVEZA has been operating in Russia since 1997. During these years, the company has performed the upgrade and large-scale enhancement of its production facilities using the most advanced technologies and equipment. SVEZA creates up-to-date workplaces in Russian regions where dynasties of experienced masters are laboring.
SVEZA responsibly uses forest resources, as confirmed by international certificates of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®, an international non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting environmentally responsible forest management).

SVEZA includes SVEZA-Les LLC (supplier) and mills of commodity manufacture: in St. Petersburg, Vologda, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Kostroma (2 mills) Regions, as well as in Perm Territory. Mills are in locations traditionally rich in birch forests. Suitable geographic location of mills ensures the optimal logistics.

Irina Preshpektivykh,

SVEZA Press Service

Phone: +7 (921) 304 45 23


If you need any additional information and illustrations to the material, please address the press service

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