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Sveza Group confirms the complete safety of its products for consumers
20 March 2019
Sveza Group received a certificate of conformity of products to the new regulations on ultra-low level of formaldehyde emissions - Statement of ULEF Exemption. This document confirms the complete safety of Sveza products for consumers.

Aqueous solution of formaldehyde is used worldwide for the production of materials from compressed wood, for example, plywood, chipboard and fibreboard. With high quality products, as well as subject to compliance with all process requirements, the level of formaldehyde remains low and, therefore, does not cause harm.

The aim of EPA TSCA Title VI is to reduce emissions of this substance from wood products. Particularly, this rule applies to products that are sold, supplied, or manufactured in the United States. The Regulations will officially come into force on 22 March 2019.

The Sveza Group received the EPA TSCA Title VI certificate of conformity ahead of schedule. The presence of this document allows the company to export its products to the United States. Moreover, EPA TSCA Title VI recognizes the exemption from mandatory certification of manufacturers of slabs with ultra-low formaldehyde emissions. Certificates were issued by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) to Sveza’s plants even before the receipt of the certificate of conformity to the new regulations. The existing CARB Executive Orders also confirm the ultra-low level of formaldehyde emissions from Sveza plywood.

The EPA TSCA Title VI conformity documents were issued by the competent US PFS TECO certification body, which is accredited in many fields of woodworking and construction.

Sveza demonstrated the conformity of products to the new regulations by the implementation of the required processes into the quality control systems and factory production control.
"We are committed to providing the quality of our products and strive to satisfy individual needs and wishes of the client. We believe that the product safety is the most important. The company regularly tests plywood in third party laboratories in accordance with modern requirements and methods. Test samples are selected by representatives of independent bodies using random sampling," comments Oleg Chistyakov, Chief Operations Officer at Sveza.
About EPA TSCA Title VI Regulations

On 12 December 2016, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the regulations, according to which only composite wood materials compliant to the requirements of the CARB ATCM and EPA TSCA Title VI regulations for formaldehyde emission may be sold, offered for sale, and manufactured in the United States. Since 22 March 2019, after the end of the transition period, composite wood materials shall be properly labeled to demonstrate that they comply with the TSCA Title VI requirements. These products shall include: hardwood plywood, MDF and chipboard, as well as household goods and other finished products containing these materials.