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Made in Sveza (Sveza at IMM Cologne)
21 January 2020
Sveza takes part in one of the largest European furniture industry and interior design exhibitions - IMM Cologne 2020, taking place in Germany these days. Exhibition of Russian companies “Made in Russia” in Cologne was organized with the participation of the Russian Export Center.

IMM Cologne is an annual exhibition attracting professional attention and successfully competing with exhibitions held in Milan and Paris in terms of quality and quantity of participants. Leading global brands from Europe attend the Cologne exhibition, demonstrating modern advanced solutions and design concepts to become relevant in the near future.

This year, the stands of Russian companies occupy an area of more than 400 sq.m., presenting both new collections and well-known items, most popular with the customers. Sveza offers a wide range of birch plywood for various types of furniture and interior solutions production. The company's stand displays Sveza UV – UV-varnished plywood, perfect for making furniture. A specialized product – Sveza Parquet for high-quality floorings production – is also presented. Plywood meets the requirements of parquet manufacturers, featuring high strength, optimal humidity and strict thickness tolerances. Sveza Drawer can be used to produce high-quality furniture. Additional strength control allows for performing a dovetail joint, and increased outer layer thickness provides a perfect surface for grinding and painting.

“IMM Cologne is probably one of the most important and reputable interior exhibitions in Europe, and today we see furniture production market as very attractive and promising. On the other hand, we see interest from European companies: Sveza's products are superior in quality to those of local companies, and the price is competitive. Moreover, participation in this exhibition allows us to reach new customers and introduce Sveza brand to its ultimate user”, – notes Dmitry Smirnov, sales Manager for the Sveza export market.