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Company Sveza
World leader in the production
of birch plywood
Development of the company
We strive to develop our company and have a clear vision of what Sveza will be like in the future.
Sveza is a customer-oriented and effective company, safe and interesting to work in!
  • Monitor hazardous factors, taking takes measures to eliminate them;
  • Do not make decisions at the expense of safety;
  • Comply with health and safety regulations and expect others to comply with them.
Focus on the customer
  • Act according to customer needs as well as feedback from clients and colleagues;
  • Encourage others to act according to the needs of clients and colleagues.
  • Create a positive mood, inspiring colleagues and subordinates. Interact using both logic and emotions;
  • Coordinate their interests with those of the business (team). Take responsibility for the results of the team, including failures;
  • Honest, do not remain silent about problems, are not afraid to express disagreement with the opinions of others;
  • Request information from colleagues with relevant expertise. Use the knowledge received for the benefit of the production process.
  • Critically assess the usual way of working, aiming to find new, more effective solutions, while remaining open to the ideas of others. Adjuss targets in a timely manner when the situation changes;
  • Achieve goals in the best possible way, ensuring maximum return on the resources used. Focus on building on successes, not just addressing failures;
  • Deeply analyze problems, do not miss the details, ask clarifying questions. Draw practical conclusions from analysis, set priorities, and see the "big picture";
  • Set ambitious goals for themselves and the team, and achieves them;
  • Can listen and explain clearly. Ask for and give feedback. Acknowledge progress, offer sincere thanks;
  • Actively evolve and personally participate in the development of subordinates/colleagues/team. Identify and develop strengths, not just correcting weaknesses. Dismiss those who do not develop in time;
  • Personally gs into production, to the department, and to the customers in order to understand the situation, to find improvements and work on collective solutions to problems.
  • Observe agreements, keep promises;
  • Communicate politely, don’t allow for rudeness, control emotions;
  • Care for people, take into account their feelings and emotions, needs and interests.