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Long-term strategy until 2030
In 2019, Sveza adopted a long-term development strategy until 2030.
In formulating our strategy, we were guided both by the experience of businesses around the world, and our own expertise accumulated over nearly 25 years of work. Our strategy is integrating Sveza’s dynamic development in a rapidly changing world while maintaining the success of our business and bringing it to a completely new level. The main goal is the transformation of the company from purely a plywood producer into one of the global forest industry leaders.
We help our customers find competitive solutions, create maximum value from wood, and develop our business while caring for the environment. In addition, Sveza is a financially successful company and offers the best conditions in the industry for employees to fulfil their potential.
The company's development strategy is based on the principles of customer-centricity, sustainable development, new points of growth and operational efficiency.
The purpose of our work is the success of our customers. Our goal is to understand, anticipate, and meet their needs. To that end, we have put the consumer at the center of all our business processes, before even the product. It is for the customer’s sake that we are diversifying our product line, improving customer service and commercial terms, perfecting our logistics, and attaining the highest level of security of supplies.
This approach has already been appreciated by thousands of customers from more than 90 countries.
Sustainable development
Modern business cannot be successful if it does not pay sufficient attention to sustainability. In March 2020, Sveza joined the UN Global Compact, an international corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiative.
The principles of sustainable development are an essential part of our work. For the company, this is a vision for the future, the basis for long-term development. That is why we strive to provide a hospitable environment and high quality of life, both for our employees and for local communities in the regions where we operate.
We adhere to Zero Waste Philosophy.
We take full responsibility for the reforestation on our forest leases, protect them from fires, and try to improve their biodiversity and ecological composition. The company's operations fully comply with all Russian legislative requirements for reforestation and silvicultural operations, as well as with international forest certification requirements.
More than 1 million seedlings are planted annually by the company as part of its reforestation program
New points of growth
Our objective is to unlock the potential of wood. We aim to create a wide variety of products from natural raw materials.
We are constantly improving our core product - plywood. But we are not going to limit ourselves to its production only; we are striving to make the most efficient use of renewable forest resources. The company is mastering a whole new line of modern bio-products. Plans are underway to build modern environmentally friendly pulp production facilities.
To find new solutions for the efficient use of forest resources, we have launched an innovation portal Innovation portal | Sveza. The company is preparing to open an in-house R&D center in St Petersburg where new product launches can be carried out as quickly as possible, from concept and development to prototype production.
Operational efficiency
Today, Sveza is one of the industry leaders for most efficient use of raw materials. At the same time, the potential for further improvement in operational efficiency is still very high. The company is constantly improving production processes to reduce defect rates, increase equipment productivity, and improve raw material supply chain security.
To this end, we are introducing, among other things, the most readily-available innovative technologies: for example, automated production monitoring that allows for the smallest defects to be noted and corrected. At the same time, we continue to invest in production, R&D, and personnel training. The efficiency of production increases every year.