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Rebranding Sveza
Our new brand
Sveza, one of the leaders of the Russian forest industry, has announced rebranding. The new corporate identity and motto The Nature of Progress emphasize the company’s transformation from the world’s leading producer of birch plywood into one of the global forest industry leaders as it enters new markets, unlocks boundless potential of wood, and changes the perception of the industry.
Inspired by the incredible properties of wood as a raw material, its environmental friendliness and safety, and almost limitless potential applications, we have set an ambitious mission to unlock the potential of forests for universal progress.
Sveza’s new motto is The Nature of Progress.
Our vision includes:
Developing our customers’ business. Sveza offers its customers comprehensive solutions that along with the product include additional applications and services that take our customers’ business to the next level.
Developing the Russian forest industry. Sveza is harnessing the technological potential of the entire forest industry through implementing advanced technologies while further developing its product portfolio by finding new areas of application of wood.
Developing talent. Sveza is unlocking the creative potential of gifted and ambitious individuals who work with wood and nurturing future leaders of the industry. Sveza is a center of attraction for startups through supporting their boldest ideas.
Sustainable development. Seeking to make the world a better place, Sveza cares for the environment and contributes to the well-being of local communities.
The new logo takes the form of a stylized tree leaf within a clearly defined square.
The logo’s message has become truly global - Sveza’s new visual identity and positioning reflect a reimagined approach to business and respect for the environment. The logo illustrates drive for development, growth, and onward movement. The arrow embedded into the square emphasizes Sveza’s drive for progress and ambition.
The schematic images of a tree and a leaf describe the company’s place in the forest industry and demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development.
The font communicates expertise and confidence, and reflects Sveza’s international status.
The new color palette combines colors drawn from the natural environment and bold and bright colors that symbolize energy, progress, and growth.
Anatoly Semyonovich Frishman

We’re no longer simply a plywood company: we’re taking a broader view, of everything that can be made from wood. We’re making profound changes in our approach to customers, we’re reducing our resource consumption, we’re helping reforestation. We want to be at the center of a global transformation, to open up new horizons, to create new perspectives.