Устойчивое развитие камбинатов Устойчивое развитие камбинатов
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Sustainable development
Sveza is a community united by the ideas of environmentally friendly production and responsible forest management. Together we implement investment projects, monitor and improve safety standards, and do charity work.
Environmental safety improvement projects are implemented at all Sveza plants. One of the most important issues for the company is minimization or complete elimination of harmful emissions into water sources.
First of all, they concern such areas as optimization of generation of various wood waste, minimization of harmful atmospheric emissions, ensuring treatment of high concentration industrial drains, cleaning of flush drains.
Sveza mini combined heat and power production plant in Manturovo
As a result of project implementation for creation of mini combined heat and power production plant the enterprise obtains heat and power in complete cycle mode. It is possible through the processing of core production waste.
  • multiple-stage combustion technology
  • modern gas-handling equipment
  • considerable reduction in environment impact
This project won the industry award Lesprom Awards 2018 in "Green energy" nomination. Later in this year "Sveza" plans to launch two more equivalent mini combined heat and power production plants at its mills.
The company also had repeatedly won the "GoodWood" rating - the only "green" rating in Russia, which rates and awards the most ecologically responsible representatives of forest industry since 2013.
Sveza has developed an appropriate program until the end of 2022. It allows to reduce the emissions to the minimum, and completely eliminate them in some plants, establishing a closed water circuit.
expected saving from the solution
will be invested in 2020
investment in the implementation of the project in Ust-Izhora
implemented in the plant
SVEZA Kostroma
Responsible Forest Management
Sveza's plywood mills in Russia practice responsible forest management and use 100% legally procured and harvested wood The company’s forest and supply chain management systems are based on international sustainable forestry standards.
Sustainable development and CSR of the Sveza company are aimed to save the environment, assist the sustainable development within the corporate footprint, improve the quality of life of the company's employees and local residents.
Key directions supported by the Sveza company unser the sustainable development program and CSR:
  • `Environment: environment protection, forest and biodiversity conservation, combating climate change, terrestrial ecosystem preservation, water resources pollution control, ecological clean-up events (garbage collection, tree planting, releasing fish into water bodies, etc.), ecological education and awareness, etc.
  • Sport and healthy lifestyle: support of the good health and well-being of the residents within the corporate footprint. Support of the modern sports that use plywood: skateboarding and bmx, surfing, snowboarding, snow-kiting, wake-surfing, skim-boarding, etc. Support of big regional mass sporting events: skiing, running, track and field.
  • Territory improvement within the corporate footprint: support of projects on sustainable cities and populated areas establishment. Construction of socially valuable (sports-oriented) urban facilities made of plywood (playgrounds, skate parks, climbing gyms, hockey rinks, etc.) within the corporate footprint.
  • Career guidance and education of children and youth in the fields of ecology and wood processing industry.
  • Social support: assistance to veterans and seniors; resocialization projects for orphaned children, children deprived of parental care, abandoned children, children from deprived backgrounds; projects for prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency; assistance to schools, kindergartens, recreational and sport facilities within the corporate footprint.
  • Culture, art and design: especially assistance to creative project which use the company's products as materials.
  • Promotion of tourism within the corporate footprint: creation of the museum exhibitions at/about a mill, etc.
  • Common projects in CSR field within the general operations of "Severgroup": "Way home" charity project, etc.
Sveza’s charity activities are aimed at stimulating positive, quality changes in the regions where the company's facilities are located.
Sveza regularly and systematically carries out charity work, which is a realization of the company's values. The projects are geared towards helping children, supporting and preserving cultural and spiritual values, developing future generations, and represent the highest priorities for the company.
Sveza is about people
The company also invests into equipment upgrades, improving conditions and increasing occupational safety.
Sveza implements the complex approach to management and staff rewarding system. Special attention is given to improvement of the employees payment scheme. According to the results of 2018, the wage rate at the Sveza mills surpassed the regional average value by 14%. Reducing turnover of the workforce reflects the efficiency of this approach: In 2018 this parameter totalled 5.75%, which is 19% less than in 2017.
Sveza occupational health and safety standards are based on the world's best practices; training is held for compliance with Russian law and the company's own internal requirements.
To decrease the level of injuries and number of hazardous situations in our workplaces, Sveza constantly refines its operational processes and procedures, upgrades equipment, and implements new technical solutions, many of which are based on employee suggestions.