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SVEZA Toy – 100% birch plywood that insures safety of toys and childhood furniture. Being one of the few CARB ULEF-exempt manufacturers SVEZA guarantees meeting the world’s most strict safety requirements.

Key benefits

  • 100% birch veneer
  • High-grade face veneers
  • Safe material (CARB ULEF-exempt)
  • Tight thickness tolerance
  • Face veneer ≥ 0.7 mm ideal
    for sanding and coating
Technical specifications
Strength specifications
Thickness tolerances
Standard sizes, length x width, mm (ft)

1,525 x 1,525 (5x5)
1,220 x 1,525 (4x5)/1,250 x 1,525 (4x5)
1,525 x 1,250 (5х4)/1,525 x 1,250 (5x4)

Thickness, mm 3-30 (special thicknesses available upon customer's request)
Face veneer grades T B/B, T B/BB, T BB/BB, T B/CP, T BB/CP, T CP/CP
Glue type Interior light glue (INT)
Formaldehyde emission class E1, CARB ULEF
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % ≤ 10
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