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SVEZA Parquet

SVEZA Parquet is 100% birch plywood that meets key requirements of the engineered flooring producers.

We offer SVEZA Parquet in two grades:

SVEZA Parquet Standard

Industry-standard grade for engineered flooring production. Features WBP glue, tight thickness tolerance, optimum moisture level and packaging, retaining the original moisture content of each panel.

It allows the parquet producer to minimize production costs and provides stability to the engineered construction.

SVEZA Parquet Premium

In addition to meeting the key industry requirements features superior bonding strength (internal bond strength test results ≥1.75 MPa). This is achieved by using only solid veneers with minimum defects for both outer and inner layers.

For the engineered flooring producers who require ultimate quality.

Key benefits

SVEZA Parquet Standard

  • 100% birch plywood.
  • Thickness tolerance ±0.2 mm.
  • Moisture content 5-9%.
  • Film Packaging.
  • WBP glue.

SVEZA Parquet Premium

  • 100% birch plywood.
  • Thickness tolerance ±0.2 mm.
  • Moisture content 5-9%.
  • Film Packaging.
  • WBP glue.
  • Superior bonding strength.
  • Selected veneers for outer and inner layers.
Catalogues of plywood grades
Technical specifications
Strength specifications
Thickness tolerances
Standard sizes, length x width, mm (ft)

1,220х2,440/1,250x2,500 (4х8)
2,440x1,220/2,500х1,250 (8x4)
1,525x1,525 (5x5)

Thickness, mm 6-15 (special thicknesses available upon customer's request)
Face veneer grades BB/BB, BB/CP, BB/C, CP/CP, CP/C
Glue type exterior (WBP)
Formaldehyde emission class Е1
Density, kg/m3 640-700
Moisture content, % 5-9
Surface type sanded/sanded (S2S)

Produced under STO STO 52654419-002-2018 BIRCH PLYWOOD SVEZA PARQUET. Specifications.

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