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SVEZA Oil – multi purpose birch plywood for concrete works with moderate number of reuses (2-5 times)*.

Product is a easy-to-use forming panel for castings, as well as for low-rise construction.  

Edges of SVEZA Oil are protected from moisture with acrylic paint, surface is coated with oil. Oiling is executed in controlled conditions that guarantees  smooth application.

Product has high strength properties.

Produced with Oil Recycling Technology**.



*The life of the product depends on how it is treated, cleaned, stored.

** Product might be made with reprocessed oil.


Key benefits

  • Ready to use size
  • Smooth and oiled surface
  • Moisture protection of the edges
  • Oil recycling technology 
Technical specifications
Strength specifications
Thickness tolerances
Size tolerances
Standard sizes, length x width, mm

1,500 x 750
2,500 x 1,250
2,240 х 1,220

Thickness, mm 15, 18, 21
Face veneer grades CP/CP
Surface Not sanded
Oil type Distillate oil
Glue type Exterior
Formaldehyde emission class Е1
Density, kg/m3 > 450
Moisture content, % 5-12
Edges protection Acrylic paint.
If panels are cut or drilled on site, edges and holes must be protected with a suitable paint.

Produced under STO 52654419-012-2018 Hardwood Plywood SVEZA OIL

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