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SVEZA is launching new products SVEZA Drawer and SVEZA Toy

April 12, 2018

SVEZA group is glad to introduce new products for “Furniture/Interior” segment – SVEZA Drawer and SVEZA Toy.

Both products are made from 100% birch plywood, featuring tight thickness tolerances and thicker face veneers to ensure best surface for sanding and coating.

SVEZA Drawer is 100% birch plywood specially developed for drawers and other furniture components production that involves cutting with circular saws, milling and machining the edges. Additional control of bonding strength makes it ideal for creating dovetail joints. Guaranteed oval patch provides natural look to the finished products.

SVEZA Toy – 100% birch plywood that insures safety of toys and furniture. Being one of the few CARB ULEF-exempt manufacturers SVEZA guarantees meeting the world’s most strict safety requirements.

The products are produced in accordance with special STOs “SVEZA Drawer birch plywood” and “SVEZA Toy birch plywood” and subject to additional quality control.

SVEZA Drawer and SVEZA Toy are already available for order.

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