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SVEZA Kostroma commissions a new peeling line

March 1, 2018

Kostroma—SVEZA Kostroma, part of SVEZA, the worldwide leader in birch plywood production, has completed the investment project of installation of DragonPeel, a spindle-free peeling line. The project involved about 60 million roubles of investment. Today the new industrial facility was ceremonially put into operation by Anatoly Frishman, SVEZA’s CEO.

Raute Dragon, a spindle-free peeling line manufactured by Raute Corporation, will be an extension of the peeling process line used for production of large-sized plywood by SVEZA Kostroma. During the veneer peeling process, the existing Raute VE 800х2700 line produces more than a million 80 mm diameter peeler cores per year. Previously, they were considered waste and were not recycled. The new Raute Dragon line allows the reduction of the core size from 80 mm down to 35 mm.

The spindle-free peeling line capacity is 6 cubic meters per shift. Usage of waste for production reduces consumption of raw material during the veneer peeling process by at least 2%. Implementation of this project will allow a saving of tens of millions roubles already in the first years.

“This project is a part of SVEZA’s extensive investment program”, says Anatoly Frishman, company CEO. “The total amount of investment in development of our assets in the Kostroma region has exceeded 2.8 billion roubles for the last five years. The introduction of the new peeling line at SVEZA Kostroma achieves several tasks at once: it increases the production effectiveness, optimizes consumption of raw materials, increases production capacity, and reduces the amount of production waste. The company will continue investing large sums of money into equipment modernization in 2018. Overall, the company is planning to invest 12.2 billion roubles in development of its assets.”

Aleksey Smirnov, deputy Governor of the Kostroma oblast, commented on importance of sustainable work of large industrial enterprises in the region. SVEZA Kostroma and SVEZA Manturovo are among the largest taxpayers to the budget of the oblast. Improvement of economic indicators of the plants as a result of large investment programs will increase budgetary income of all levels.


In 2017, SVEZA invested 4.5 billion roubles in its core assets, including 550 million roubles in the Kostroma plant. In 2018, SVEZA’s investments in core assets will amount 12.2 billion roubles. The main priority areas of company include: development of the existing production of large-sized plywood, construction of several co-generation plants, integrated investment into maintenance and development of its sewage treatment plants and other environmental facilities. The production plan of SVEZA envisages manufacturing over 1.15 million cubic meters of birch plywood in 2018.


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