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Construction at Vostochniy Spaceport Speeds Up

June 16, 2015

In late April 2015, during the planned meeting on Vostochniy Spaceport construction, Dmitry Rogozin, the Vice-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation stressed the importance of this project and promised to finish it on time. Let us recall: to speed up construction in the early winter a decision was made to implement the Russian construction materials and technologies appropriate for working under severe climatic conditions. Among those solutions was PSK-Delta large-panel formwork with high-quality SVEZA plywood, as well as modern rebar placement techniques.

To fulfill tasks charged by the President on speeding up Vostochniy Spaceport construction at the end of 2014 a package of measures was implemented. One of those measures was to replace European materials with the Russian substitutes. "As the builders were to put up buildings under harsh winter conditions at Amur, it was critical to choose high-quality materials for cast-in-place work," explains Maxim Kirsanov, PromStroyContract specialist. Those were state-of-the-art domestic materials and technologies: they are specially designed for temperature variations, do not deform under uneven heating or in operation. This allowed to continue working even on the coldest days."

The use of PSK-Delta large-panel formwork with SVEZA film faced birch plywood allowed to ensure that the first 10 houses in the city of Tsyolkovsky for the Spaceport's stuff, still would be commissioned in late June 2015.

"It was possible to continue active construction in the wintertime not the least due to the use of formwork with film faced birch plywood that, unlike plastic boards, has a low heat conductivity and still retains its properties at -40ºС," comments Andrey Kobets, head of product promotion at SVEZA group, the world's leader in birch plywood manufacturing. "A birch plywood panel has high strength characteristics for both bend and elasticity."

According to PromStroyContract specialists, such a formwork is often way cheaper than from the European manufacturers, because it is made of the Russian elements and doesn't depend on currency rates. Besides, the Russian plywood's high quality allows to increase reuse rate significantly over the entire formwork system.

Another domestic development that accelerated the construction process was demonstrated on putting up a mounting and testing system, and the launch structures. The modern rebar placement technology implemented by PSC allowed to reduce rebar consumption at the site and ensure an increased reliability, not to mention of speeding up construction rate.

"Outdated rebar joining methods have a lot of disadvantages. The main are expensiveness and labor intensity. A high-skilled welder spends about an hour on one joint," Maxim Kirsanov explains. "And joining even thicker bars using state-of-the-art technology takes no longer than a minute."

Vostochniy is a future Russian spaceport under construction in the Far East, in the Amur Region near Uglegorsk settlement. The reserved spaceport territory's total area is 1035km. Now, to ensure launching the first missile in December 2015, some of the works at the site are performed round the clock. Financial liability is envisaged for each day of delay.

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