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SVEZA Group Brings SVEZA Deck 350 Plywood to the Turkish Construction Market

June 3, 2015

SVEZA New Product Day was held in Istanbul, where film faced plywood with a grid pattern, SVEZA Deck 350 was presented. Representatives of SVEZA, the world leader in birch plywood production, together with the key Turkish partner BALCIOGLU company, told the local construction industry professionals about the new product's advantages. More than 50 Turkish companies, authorities, and specialist educational institutions took part in the event.

During "SVEZA New Product Day" the company's representatives told about the unique characteristics of this plywood (coming with a grid template pattern) for cast-in-place work. Moreover, SVEZA Deck 350 was also demonstrated and tested: the Turkish builders could see in practice how convenient the marked-out plywood is.

"SVEZA Deck 350 is a product that makes construction specialists' work easier. Taking into account that panel cutting involves a number of repetitive operations such as measure, mark, draw lines, we have offered the market a type of plywood that reduces working time and makes builders' work easier," told us Andrey Kobets, head of product promotion at SVEZA Group. "Now, using the film faced plywood with grid pattern the worker can determine the required dimensions quickly and accurately. Besides, the grid pattern saves time during rebar placement. Grid lines each 25, 50, and 100 are guides that help keep the right spacing."

Zeki Balcioglu, CEO at BALCIOGLU company, one of the Turkey's leading construction products suppliers, stressed the timeliness of this special plywood product arrival. According to him, as construction volumes in Turkey are increasing, this product makes professionals' work easier and will considerably accelerate carrying out of the new technically advanced projects.

SVEZA Deck 350 highlights:

SVEZA Deck 350 is a special formwork type plywood with a grid pattern that makes plywood marking out, and cutting, as well as rebar placement easier. It is produced of of 100% birch veneer. The surface of this plywood is covered with a smooth wear resistant film (wear resistance is 350 rotations under Taber test used to determine the film faced surface's wear resistance; the test is performed using a device with a special rotating abrasive disc. The result is obtained in number of rotations the disc has to do to damage the film face layer.) and has a high resistance to contact with concrete. The edges are coated with a special water acrylic blend that ensures a high moisture protection. The plywood is resistant to temperature variations: -40 to +50 С.

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