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Skyscraper builders descent from the sky under ground

May 12, 2015

IQ Quarter will be built taking into consideration the transportation infrastructure. The underground part of the Moscow City business compound is fully completed. The decision to make the building deeper comes from restrained urban conditions and lack of plots to place new infrastructure projects. The lower 2 floors of the multi-purpose IQ Quarter compound are to become a part of the Moscow City compound's transport interchange hub. The remaining 5 floors are given over for a 716-slot car parking.

At the level of the 7th floor five metro tunnels run through the entire compound: Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line and the Third interchange circuit. Special distribution and foundation floors are designed to support structures located above the tunnels on the 6th, 5ерб and 4th floors. Their placement considers the requirements of metro construction taking place at the same time.

"Putting up of a foundation for this compound has become one of this year's most difficult tasks for Moscow City builders," comments Artyom Ivaknnenko, supervising engineer of PromStroyContract group. "It was required to reduce the concrete foundation's thickness while retaining the supporting structure's strength." The issue was solved by using prestressing technology. In order to prevent vibratory transfer, a vibration damping system was implemented.

Construction of the underground part 28m deep was also complicated by groundwater conditions. IQ Quarter compound in located in a swamp area in proximity to the Moskva. In such conditions, special attention was paid to underpinning, as well as using high-quality and moisture resistant materials in formwork of walls and other cast-in-place structures.

"When selecting plywood it is important to check its surface and its edges, which is critical for the material's moisture resistance,"  head of product promotion at SVEZA Group. "Russian-made film faced birch plywood with its smooth surface and well-painted edges enjoys builders' confidence. The same can't be said about the plywood made in China, which according to the practitioners flakes inside and cracks under foot."

The wall and floor formwork systems with SVEZA film faced birch plywood are used not only for concreting at the underground part of the compound. The are also used for IQ Qarter's public and residential towers. In particular, with a smooth surface of film faced plywood used as part of PSK-Classic system the builders manage to achieve an effect of 'architectural concrete' that requires no additional finishing.

Construction is scheduled to complete in 2015. The compound will be made up of 2 office buildings 33 and 42 storeys high, and a hotel-apartment building 22 storeys high. After commissioning, IQ Quarter will handle intra-urban passenger flows, as well as provide connection of Moscow City center with Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

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