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SVEZA patents special product for cast-in-place construction

April 4, 2015

In Q1 2015 SVEZA Deck 350 formwork plywood was registered as utility model. Now, Sveza Group, the world's leader in birch plywood production has an exclusive right to manufacture and sell film faced plywood with a grid pattern in the Russian Federation.

SVEZA Deck 350 is a floor pouring plywood with a grid pattern that makes it easy to mark out and cut formwork panels on site. The pattern also can be used as the template for steel rebar placement. The product's surface is covered with a smooth wear resistant film (wear resistance is 350 rotations under Taber test used to determine the film faced surface's wear resistance; the test is performed using a device with a special rotating abrasive disc. The result is obtained in number of rotations the disc has to do to damage the film face layer.) and has a high resistance to contact with concrete. The plywood is produced of 100% birch veneer.

"Acquisition of a patent for a product confirms our development's unique character, and it is also a safeguard, a protective measure against patent raiding," comments Yulia Ermakova, head of marketing at SVEZA Group. "Registering a plywood with grid pattern SVEZA protects it from raiding infringements which are long nothing new in Russia."

According to Andrey Kobets, head of product promotion at SVEZA Group, when registering SVEZA Deck 350 plywood it was critical to respect all product's key characteristics from the patent claim clarity requirements to checking the utility model's essence, i.e. whether it includes all the essential features of the utility model. Failure to meet the latter requirement could make it impossible to check the product's novelty which results in a denial of registration.

"For us, SVEZA Deck 350 plywood is first of all simplified standard procedures and cut labor costs," Maxim Kirsanov manager PromStroyContract Group comments on the product's utility. "Besides, the new product not only improves the quality of work as it allows to ensure a precise geometry of formwork, but also raises the overall work culture at the site. Construction workers treat the marked-up plywood carefully, which is good for its reuse rate and cost recovery! I am sure that SVEZA Deck 350 has great opportunities not only at home, but also on the foreign market."

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