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KNAUF and SVEZA Group team up to promote unit construction in Russia

February 20, 2015

On February 11, in Moscow KNAUF CIS CEO Yanis Kraulis and SVEZA CEO Andrey Kashubsky signed a memorandum of joint venture between OOO KNAUF GIPS and OOO SVEZA-Forest for production of prefabricated houses in Russia. The ceremony was held at The 4th Russian Investment And Construction Forum just before KNAUF session devoted to the modern innovation construction technology.

According to the document signed, the parties agreed to establish a co-owned joint venture for teamed effort in promoting prefabricated houses construction technology in Russia with subsequent establishment of such houses' production in the country. By this means the companies launch in Russia a new segment: construction of modern and comfortable economy class houses.

The prefabricated houses will be developed in three different configurations: apartment blocks with a maximum floor area of 80 square meters per apartment, single family houses with an area of 120 to 150 square meters, and mixed configurations combining the first two types.

Mass prefab housing construction is an innovative approach to housebuilding in Russia, and it is ideally meets Russia's and its neighbor countries' demand for modern comfortable economy class housing. Interactive visualization systems will be developed using IT to give a better insight into the structures' characteristics and the end results.

Unit construction is basically assembling houses at the construction site from ready units that include light steel structures as main elements, as well as finishing materials filled with insulation. Such houses are built fast and have a high quality because by the time they are installed they are largely ready, steady, and seismically safe, also meet high residential environment and acoustic comfort requirements.

Adoption of unit construction allows to increase economical efficiency and at the same time cut production costs and construction period, as well as achieve a high quality characteristic of unique solutions. With a standard set of generic solutions one can carry out a lot of unique designs.

Low-rise housing is the most natural and comfortable human dwelling. In Russia, it is required to build a huge amount of low-rise houses at a much faster pace than now. This is only possible using the modern construction and finishing technology such as unit construction.


KNAUF international group has launched on the Russian market with its own production in 1993. Today KNAUF in Russia is 5,000 modern jobs, over 53 billion rubles of investments into the Russian construction industry, 14 new or fully refurbished production facilities, and over 150 construction material brands. Over the last years, KNAUF has accustomed to the Russian market to become a recognized, valid player of the domestic construction sector. In Russia, KNAUF CIS has established a reputation of finishing construction material sector's pioneer and leader due to its both time proved solutions, and innovative developments.

The Russian plants of KNAUF CIS produce and supply market with high-quality construction materials:

  • KNAUF panels (plaster boards)
  • KNAUF super panels and super floors (gypsum fiber boards)
  • Plaster- and cement-based dry construction mixes
  • Primers, putty, and other ready to use mixes
  • Insulation materials
  • KNAUF plasterboards (gypsum partition blocks)
  • Metal profiles, etc

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