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SVEZA presented new products at Germany’s Branchentag Holz exhibition

December 1, 2017

SVEZA participated in the international Branchentag Holz exhibition for the first time. The event took place in Cologne, Germany from November 14 to 17. This exhibition is Europe’s largest wood-construction event.

The main forcus at SVEZA exposition was given to the new products that have been launched in the past year including SVEZA Parquet and SVEZA Titan.

 “We were happy to take part in such a large-scale event,” – Olga Zhilnikova, Marketing communications manager, comments, – “As birch plywood is well-known for its technical and esthetic properties in German and European markets, it’s not that easy to attract genuine interest from representatives of European businesses. We are pleased that our new products managed to do this.”

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