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New product: SVEZA Titan for flooring in commercial vehicles

June 20, 2017

SVEZA is launching SVEZA Titan – 100% birch plywood coated with a special abrasive material. The use of SVEZA Titan for flooring in commercial vehicles allows preservation of goods and human safety. The novelty has already been available for order.

Exceptional wear-resistant properties of SVEZA Titan can be achieved not only by virtue of the quality of birch veneers but also the corundum particles contained in the plywood surface.

“We put SVEZA Titan to a number of tests in European laboratories to make sure that our latest developments are in full compliance with the highest standards of transport industry, - Dmitry Malkov, SVEZA product manager for “Transport” segment comments. – We are proud to launch such a leading-edge product and strongly believe that the vehicle producers will highly appreciate it”.

SVEZA Titan meets the max class of anti-slip properties (R13 according to DIN 51130). The product has also confirmed high level of resistance to surface wear (not less than 2 600 rotations, taber-test according to EN 438-2:2016) as well as resistance to loading of roller wheels (more than 10 000 cycles, rolling test according to standard SFS 3939).

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