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New product: SVEZA Parquet for the engineered flooring producers

June 13, 2017

SVEZA is launching new product – SVEZA Parquet, extra strong high-quality calibrated plywood which is best suited for engineered flooring production. The novelty has already been available for order.

SVEZA Parquet is offered in two grades: SVEZA Parquet Standard and SVEZA Parquet Premium, both are made of 100% birch and meet key requirements of the flooring manufacturers.

SVEZA Parquet Premium features superior bonding strength. This is achieved by using solid veneers with minimum defects not only for the outer layers but also for the inner ones.

«SVEZA has a long collaboration history with major flooring manufacturers and it is our great pleasure to present the product that fully supports the needs of our clients. - Natalia Bugajskaya, SVEZA product manager for “Furniture/Interior” segment comments. - The use of SVEZA Parquet allows not only to optimize the cost of the floor production but also to achieve the full compliance with high-end industry standards”.  

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