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Sveza Plywood presented on the Moroccan Market

December 27, 2016

The end of November saw Sveza, together with its partner Comarbois, take part in SIB-2016, the international construction fair in Casablanca. The Moroccan market is promising for Sveza and unlocks new opportunities for the company.

The annual fair was held in Casablanca under the auspices of the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI. The event participants ranged from manufacturers to construction and trading companies from North Africa, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. At the fair, the company presented a variety of products — standard plywoodwith interior and exterior glue, and the Sveza Deck 350, Sveza Paint, and Sveza Color plywood. 
“We had an exhibition booth together with our distributor, Сomarbois” said Olga Milovanova, Manager for Construction Segment Product Development. “When we gave our presentation on Sveza products before the exhibition, people were interested most of all in the properties of birch. For North Africa, birch plywood is a relatively unknown product. Local construction companies most often handle either plywood from mixed species of wood, or plywood from Latin America. Our task has been to show that birch is a strong, durable material that has unique physical and mechanical properties.”
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