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SVEZA Color and SVEZA Paint: New Products of the SVEZA Plywood range

November 3, 2016

In September SVEZA introduced new items in the company's product portfolio to its clients. SVEZA Color is a color film faced plywood available in five colors: Light Grey, Stone Grey, Yellow, Black and Light Brown.  SVEZA Paint with Grey and Kraft surfaces is designed specifically for further painting. 

Germany became the first market where the new products were introduced, as it is one of the key markets for SVEZA. 
SVEZA Color Light Grey and Stone Grey  are color film faced plywood in two shades of functional grey color, which makes grime less visible and is used for light commercial transport and boat manufacturing.
SVEZA Color Yellow is bright-yellow film faced  plywood enabling the "sunlight effect" indoors. It is used for creating playgrounds, agricultural buildings and interiors. 
SVEZA Color Black is black film faces plywood traditionally used for music boxes and horse trailers. 
SVEZA Color Light Brown is light-brown film faced plywood which allows to create a surface imitating the structure of genuine wood for interiors of light commercial transports, yachts and buildings. 
SVEZA Paint Grey and Kraft are plywood  designed specifically for further painting in a universal light-grey (for colder shares) and light-brown (for warmer shades) colors. The plywood is ready for paint, thus saving time.
The new products will be manufactured at SVEZA Novator mill  in 4х8 (1220х2440, 1250х2500) and 5х10 (1500х3000, 1525х3050) formats.
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